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Mi Hyeon Lee
District Superintendent
Rev Dr Mi Hyeon Lee

Kyle Dryer
Executive Assistant
Kyle Dryer

Cathy Gibbs
Administrative Assistant
Cathy Gibbs

(573) 441-8878
3601 Amron Court
Columbia, Missouri 65202

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Laclede Laclede Missouri


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Laclede, MO


Joe Cuminale

Church Contact Information

Phone: (660) 938-4673


506 Pershing Drive
Laclede MO 64651

Mailing Address

PO Box 156
Laclede MO 64651-0156

Service Times

Main Service Time

Start out going south on N Elson St toward W Harrison St.Then 0.21 milesTurn left onto W Jefferson St.W Jefferson St is just past W McPherson StIf you reach W Pierce St you've gone a little too farThen 0.06 milesTake the 1st right onto S Franklin St.If you are on E Jefferson St and reach S Marion St you've gone a little too farThen 1.86 milesTurn right onto S Baltimore St/US-63 Bus S/MO-11.S Baltimore St is 0.1 miles past Shepherd AveThen 1.48 milesTurn right onto State Highway 11/MO-11.State Highway 11 is 0.3 miles past Dogwood LnThen 25.56 milesTurn slight right onto MO-11/Highway 11.Then 17.57 milesTurn left onto Highway F/MO-F.Highway F is 0.5 miles past Joliet DrIf you reach Jupiter Dr you've gone about 0.5 miles too farThen 2.08 milesTurn right onto US Highway 36/US-36 W/Chicago-Kansas City Expressway W/MO-5/MO-129. Continue to follow US-36 W/Chicago-Kansas City Expressway W/MO-5.US-36 W is 0.4 miles past Jute RdIf you are on Jucco Dr and reach Jonquil Rd you've gone a little too farThen 8.61 milesTurn right onto Pleasant St.If you are on US-36 W and reach Grove St you've gone about 0.5 miles too farThen 0.31 milesTake the 1st left onto Cole St.If you reach Cushman St you've gone a little too farThen 0.20 milesTake the 3rd right onto Pershing Dr.Pershing Dr is just past Pine StIf you reach Pleasant you've gone a little too farThen 0.00 miles506 Pershing Dr, Laclede, MO 64651-9101, 506 PERSHING DR is on the left