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2023 Year-End Stats Training

posted on October 23

New this year, we'll be migrating to the GCFA's (General Council on Finance and Administration) new AC Stats portal. The Missouri Conference has developed a training for you to take ahead of the year-end statistics entry window. View this training and related resources below.

2023 Year-End Stats Entry Window

  • Stats module opens: December 26, 2023
  • Stats module closes: January 26, 2024

Access the Stats Portal


AC Stats Training

This brief training includes three videos and related resources for the new AC Stats platform for year-end statistics entry.

This training module is available on Absorb, our on-demand learning platform that offers online courses on your timeline, at a pace that works for you. The goal of this learning platform is to equip local church leaders on a variety of topics to support their work.

View the Course


Related Resources

Stats Tables

General Stats Entry Tips

Username: GCFA number (six-digit number on apportionment notices)
Password: MOAC1234!
  • Bear in mind that a failure to report will likely result in the use of last year’s numbers, and that could adversely affect your apportionments. Please note that a call to check on your reporting or to confirm a response isn’t “policing.” It’s just Conference and district office staff performing due diligence.
  • This new portal will autosave your work, there is no save button.
  • Once a local church logs into the module each individual person will set up a login.  More than one person can access stats with their own login.  Each year the module will reset and there will be a new login, like the one we are starting with this year- Username- GCFA number -Password- MOAC1234!
  • Table I: Remember that tools are available to help you determine your numbers. Please see the Worship Counting Protocols.
  • Table II should get priority. Table II is used to calculate Conference apportionments. GCFA uses Table II as its primary tool in calculating general church apportionments (it does also use Tables I and II with Table III to set the quadrennial budget). All this is to say, if you can only focus on one aspect of end-of-year reports, focus on Table II.
  • There will be no table 4 this year!