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Digital Church: Reaching an Online Mission Field

posted on January 07

How do we minister when we can’t meet in-person? Learn how to connect new people to Christ in this virtual workshop, a learning experience designed to inspire and educate on how to approach digital ministry as a new mission field.

If you spend any amount of time on social media, you are likely to see the church online. In fact, since the pandemic, most churches offer their services online in some form or fashion. Churches have even taken it a step further than just streaming their services for people to watch, they are also offering digital discipleship opportunities.

The challenge presented is those opportunities are primarily reaching people the church has already reached. What about the people who won’t watch your services or participate in your online Bible studies? What about the people who spend more than half of their day online who haven’t yet been reached? We aren’t seeing digital strategies that mobilize people in the church to reach people outside the church. But imagine if we thought of the online community as a mission field in the same way we would think of going to a physical place to connect with people who don’t know Christ? 

This training is designed to equip Christ-followers to engage and build relationships with people online who are not connected to Christ or a faith community for the purpose of connecting them to Christ.  

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