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Monthly D.S. Message- North Central

posted on December 06

It has been an unusual year adjusting to the new normal as we are emerging from the pandemic, new Districts, and the disaffiliation of some of the churches. However, I am grateful because we are on the journey of Advent and Christmas. The Advent season reminds us that waiting is present, not the past or future.
I experienced a calm, joyful, and exciting atmosphere when I visited some churches. The churches are once again excited to have worship, transforming missions, upcoming ministries & missions. Also, I have experienced an anxious atmosphere as some churches want to act quickly to bring people back together again. When they don’t see immediate results, they get anxious and disappointed. Eventually, it can lead to burnout because waiting is not a popular word or practice.
We learn from Mary and Elizabeth in Matthew that as Mary was waiting and preparing for the birth of the Savior, Elizabeth was also waiting for the birth of her son, John the Baptist, who would prepare the way for Jesus. I am sure that Mary and Elizabeth tried to understand what was happening and wondered how they could respond to the news. It could be a time of anxiety as well as joy. In the middle of all emotions, they stayed together as Mary visited Elizabeth for three months. I am sure that they supported each other, listened to each other, cared for each other, trusted God’s promises, and hoped for upcoming months and years together. Each were waiting for the birth of their child as a little faith community.
This year, we may need to practice what Mary and Elizabeth did together as a faith community. As a faith community, while we wait for the coming Christ, we support, care, listen, trust in God, and hope together rather than be anxious about the lack of worship attendants and divide the congregation with issues. It is hard waiting when you see the empty pews that once were full. We focus on the current hope and not the despair around us.  Jesus brought hope and not despair, love not anger, peace not anxiety, and harmony not division or blame.
Furthermore, we can build that kind of community where people share the love of God with others and allow Jesus to be the light of the world by being on a mission with Jesus. I pray that you and your congregations experience the blessing of waiting and preparing our hearts during the Advent and Christmas seasons. Have a blessed Advent and a joyful Christmas!

In Christ,
D.S. Rev. Mi Hyeon Lee