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North Central 2023 Charge Conference Information Due Dec 1st

posted on September 06

Charge Conference Season is here! The North Central District wants to make sure you and your church have plenty of time to work on nominations and have all the information needed. Please schedule these meetings soon in order to have all of these forms completed, signed, and in the district by December 1st.


The deadline to submit your forms to the district office is Friday, December 1.  Additional forms for the full-time clergy include your 2024 Pastoral Support Addendum (which is not yet available) to be completed following your health insurance enrollment this year. 

The forms must be voted on and approved by your leadership team prior to the December 1 deadline. Please submit a copy of the minutes from that meeting with your forms to confirm approval.  You can submit your forms via one of the following methods:

  1. Email -
  2. Fax - (573)-441-9288
  3. or Mail - 3601 Amron Ct. Columbia Mo 65202-  North Central District 

NOTE - The annual Laity Report has changed for this year. It is no longer the Lay Servant Report. Under the Conference's new Lay Ministry guidelines launched this year, it is no longer required for all laity to fill out. Those in process to earning Certified Pulpit Supply (formerly Certified Lay Speaker) and Certified Lay Minister, and those who already have one of those statuses, are asked to fill out the 2023 Laity Annual Report for charge conferences. Please only submit the Laity Report for those seeking approval or renewal in one of those categories.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office for questions on these forms.


More Information to come- Charge Conferences will be held in January.



Below are links to view charge conference forms:

On your church's leadership contact form, please make sure to have accurate contact for all of your leadership, especially emails as that is our primary form of communication. Please include your youth leader going forward for accurate emails and communications from the district and NextGen Offices.
Charge Conference Forms can be found below on the Conference Forms Site. If you find an issue with a form please let us know immediately so we can work to get it revised and sent back out. The Conference site will always have the most updated forms available. 
  • Charge Conference Paperwork Checklist  - A copy of this checklist should be the cover page for the rest of your paperwork. Please submit it all in typed PDF digital format this year.


    Click Here for Charge Conference Forms

  • Simplified Structure forms are available only by request to the 40 churches currently on this board model. Please email ( if you need the form.

          Click Here for Pastoral and Lay Support Forms

*Pastoral Support Forms are available as of 09/01/2023. If you find an error or bug on the form please let the district office know.



December 1st, 2023.