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North Central District Newsletter Resources Section

posted on January 11

This is where we will house our resources list and archive list from our newsletter in order to shorten the newsletter but keep the resources.



Newest Items In Red

Lenten and Easter Resources

Coins for Lent 2023

Free Six-Week Lenten Series

Glimpses of Kin-dom

Making the Most of Easter- February 23rd

Preparing to Preach for Lent and Easter- January 31st


Book Resources

Books and E-books from Lewis Center

Preaching the Headlines: The Possibilities and Pitfalls of Addressing the Times

The Psychology of Christian Nationalism:Why People Are Drawn in and How to Talk Across the Divide

SHE Five Keys to Unlock the Power of Women in Ministry



CARING Six Steps for Effective Pastoral Conversations

Sustaining While Disrupting: The Challenge of Congregational Innovation
By F. Douglas Powe Jr. and Lovett H. Weems Jr.

Don’t Miss Discounted Advent Resources

Overflow: Increase Worship Attendance & Bear More Fruit

Women Speak of God

Jesus Revealed

The Art of Leading Change



Camp Opportunities

10 Ways to Help Children Grow in Faith and Generosity

Save the Date for UNITE 2023- July 17th-21st (Scholarships available)

Host a Day Camp in 2023

Camp Jo-Ota (Scholarships available)

NextGen Ministries Camps


Children & Youth

YOUTH 2023 Early Bird Registration

Children's Ministry in a New Reality-
37% of children’s ministry leaders agree at least somewhat they are afraid of getting children’s discipleship wrong. 

Helping Students' Faith Stay Strong

Gen Z and Mental Health: Insights for Faith Leaders

Theology of Play

A Youth Pastor's Guide to Spiritual Direction

Developing the NextGen

Three Things to Consider as You Seek To Reach Gen Z and the Current Climate of Our Students

3 Key Insights about Young Adults around the World

Does Your Church Truly Embrace Children or Merely Tolerate Them?

Learn Strategies to Strengthen Ministry with Children

Free Online Workshop Series Gives Tools to Improve Ministry with Teens, Young Adults

Every Church is a Work in Progress

Learn How to Help Schoolchildren in Your Community

Why Making Your Church Multigenerational Is Worth the Effort

Love-Powered Parenting small group Study

Helping People From Womb to Tomb

8 Ways to Nurture Faith in Young Children


Church Growth and Ministry

My church is tired! How do we overcome missional paralysis?

“Mediating Conflict in Congregations” featuring Charles Pillsbury

To Lead Change, Leaders Need the Courage to Change Themselves

A New Model for Leading Change

10 Things Great Preachers Do Differently

Traditional Churches: Four Steps for Starting New Things and Reaching New People 

Is Your Congregation Making an Impact?

Bivocational By Choice

5 Trends Impacting Church Leadership for 2023

50 Ways Tip Sheets and Free Videos

Adult Studies for Your Small Groups and Sunday School Classes in 2023

4 Promises for Church Leaders Healing Trauma in Congregations

7 Key Questions to Focus Your Change Agenda

Best practices for transformative leadership

In-depth Interview with Doug Powe and Lovett Weems
Sustaining While Disrupting

Churches Continue to Increase Lay Staff

My 10 Biggest Leadership Mistakes

Celebration in a divided world

How Do New People See Your Church?

Genuine Change Involves Continuity

Caring for your Congregation- November 10th, 2022

5 Tips for Building True Spiritual Community

Together: a sermon series for November

Love Your Neighbor Resource


Finance and Stewardship

Stop sitting on your assets

Cultivate Generosity through Thankful Living

End of the Year Financial Checklist- 

Getting Comfortable Preaching about Money and Generosity

Is Your Church Spending Too Much or Too Little on Personnel?

All About Apportionments

Stewardship and Generosity Resources

Help Your Congregation Live into the Connection between Faith and Generosity

7 Practical Strategies for Nurturing a Culture of Generosity

Saving Grace Can Change Your Church!

Stewardship Spark: Short Takes to Get You Thinking

Is Your Church Ready for a Miracle Sunday?

Learn to Protect, Sustain, and Grow Your Church’s Money for Ministry

5 Ways to Encourage People to Increase Their Giving

Ministry Smart Conference

Building Your Stewardship Team

Optimize Your Church’s Annual Financial Campaign

Prophet Margins Worship Series

5 Hospitality and Stewardship Lessons from a Homecoming

Stewardship from a Spiritual Perspective

More Savings For Your Ministry

Thoughts on stewardship leadership

Keeping Our Sacred Trust: Assuring Financial Integrity

4 Principles for Engaging Donors

Handling the Church's Money in a New Day



Missouri United Methodist Foundation Grants

New Places for New People Grants

Grants for Deaf Awareness Week offered- Jan- March

Grants Available from GBCS

Cooperative Response Grant-Festival of sharing

MUMF Ministry Grants

Library Builder Grant (Year Round)



Festival of Sharing

Mobility Worldwide

Container Project Donations


Race & Culture/ Justice

7 Key Characteristics of Diversity-Oriented Churches

“All Leadership is Cross-Cultural Leadership”

What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Say to the Church Today?

In-depth Interview with Kimberly Daniel A Way Out of No Way

Collaborating for Community Impact

Leadership Lessons from Jackie Robinson

Powered Together: Equipping Cross-Cultural Collaboration for Healing Justice Webinar

Being the Church with the Oppressed: Four African Perspectives Bible Study

Campaign Month Resources from COR

Weekend spotlights Native culture

'It's an experience': Kickoff for Dotson Institute

Racial Justice Prayer & Action Challenge Week 4: Hope

Racial Justice Prayer and Action Challenge

Understanding and Honoring Your Congregation's Unique Culture




Rural/ Small Churches 

RMC Collab in Aurora on March 9

The 5 P’s of Sustainability for Small Churches

Soul care in the small church

Doing Community Ministry in the Small Church

Neighboring in the Everyday

 A Plan to Re-Church Rural America 

Reclaiming Rural Ministry with Rev. Allen T. Stanton 

The secret ingredient to rural church leadership

Four Incarnational Benefits of Bivocational Ministry

Normalizing Next

To the Point: A New Way to View Small Church Vitality

The Resilient Small Church



Self- Care

A path to belonging in review

The Risk of Trying to Please Everyone

“Ideas on a Deadline: How to Be Creative When the Clock is Ticking” featuring Phil Cooke

You Can't Pour From an Empty Cup

Getting Beyond Ministry Burnout and Tiredness

How to Be Yourself in the Spotlight of Public Ministry

5 Principles of Dramatic Improvisation Inform a Healthier Response to Conflict

How to Know When You Need to Ask for Help

Stress, Burnout Affecting Pastors

7 Spiritual Practices for the New Year

Pre-Recorded Sermons for Pastors Sabbath



2023 Technology Updates for Your Ministry-From Your Methodist Technology Expert

Free Advertising, Online Marketing Tools

Practicing attention in a digital age

Adding New Income Lines to Your Church Budget

Using YouTube for Your Church

Communicating with the Media

Tech, Older Adults and Churches

Don't Leave Your Audio Behind

Connecting through texting

4 Audiences for Digital Engagement

FYI: A Beginner's Guide to Getting Into Podcasts
MOAC Podcasts



The Bible Year A Journey Through Scripture in 365 Days

How Parents Pass Religious Faith to their Children

Forging a New Path

Positioning Your Church for Growth in a New Season of Ministry

The Building Blocks of Congregational Renewal

Looking Back, Looking Ahead 

Leading Ideas Talks Podcast — Episode 114
“Bivocational by Choice” featuring Ben Connelly

Leading Ideas Talks Podcast — Episode 113
“A Way Out of No Way” featuring Kimberly Daniel

Leading Ideas Talks Podcast — Episode 112
“Sustaining While Disrupting” featuring Doug Powe and Lovett Weems

“The Messy Art of Leading Change” featuring Mike Bonem — Episode 110

“Ideas on a Deadline: How to Be Creative When the Clock is Ticking” featuring Phil Cooke — Episode 110

"The Messy Art of Leading Change" Featuring Mike Bonem

 Forging a New Path In-depth Interview with Rebekah Simon-Peter

“Evangelism Insights From The Methodist Church in Britain” featuring Trey Hall

“Church on the Move” featuring Travis Norvell

“What Makes Christian Social Innovation Christian?” featuring Kenda Creasy Dean — Episode 105

“Lessons from the Fresh Expressions Movement” featuring Luke Edwards — Episode 104

FYI: A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Into Podcasts


Ukrainian UMCs

Ukrainian United Methodists care for fellow countrymen

United Methodists Stand with Ukraine

How Are United Methodists Present in Ukraine?

Grieve for Ukraine, But Not Without Hope

Ways United Methodists Can Talk Together About War & Peace

MOAC Ukraine Resources



Creating Change Together: A Toolkit for Faithful Civic Engagement

10 Ways to Help Children Grow in Faith and Generosity

3 Alternatives to Frantic or Desperate Volunteer Recruiting

5 Good Questions to Assess Your Volunteer Teams

Ensure Your Church’s Mission Hits the Mark

50 Ways to Multiply Your Church’s Leadership Capacity

50 Ways to Increase Active Engagement

7 Ways to Reengage Volunteers




United Methodist Church

Implicit Bias Training Course Now Available for Free to Missouri Conference Members

Showcase of United Methodist Schools

Jurisdictions see Shift in Bishops, Cooperation

Disability Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church

#BeUMC: A Story of Connection

Having the Talk

'The Recap' Debuts

Bishops Push Back Against Recruitment Tactics

Still Fewer Young United Methodist Elders in 2022

Bishops Gather to Discuss Future of The United Methodist Church

UMC Communications Update

Clergyman Wins Nomination for US Senate

United Methodists in Nigeria distributes 50 tricycles 

Methodism reimagined: believe in Methodist campus ministry

Methodism reimagined: connecting the dots

2021 State of the Church Report

Videos from 2022 Mo Annual Conf.

MOAC Appointment List

What’s Next in the UMC?

Responding to Gun Violence

Implicit Bias Course-Free

Your Group Ruling Questions Answered 

See All The People

Discipleship Toolkits

As Memory Fades, Ministry Grows

Our United Methodist Vows


Archived Resources


2022 Advent Resources

Video Devotion for Church Leaders for the Third Sunday of Advent

Advent Wreath Candlelighting Meditations for Home and Church

Advent 2022: God’s Unimaginable Surprises 

Devotion for Church Leaders for the Second Sunday of Advent

Paying attention to angels in Advent

Video Devotion for Church Leaders for the First Sunday of Advent

2022 December Mission Moments and More article

Extend an Advent Invitation to Your Community

50 Ways to Welcome This Advent and Christmas

Prepare Way Advent Resource E-Book(Co-Authored By North Central District Pastor Rev. Rebecca Dunger Peak)

Advent Resources to Help you Create Community Connection

Advent Resources: An Advent Song of Acents

The Angels of Christmas Hearing God's Voice in Advent

Prepare the Way for the Lord Advent and the Message of John the Baptist

Everything You Need to Plan Your Advent Service

HOPE An Advent Journey

From HEAVEN to EARTH Christmas for New Believers, Old Believers, and Nonbelievers


The Voices of Christmas A Daily Devotional for Advent

Tidings of Comfort and Joy