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North Central District People Plot- MissionInsite

posted on February 23

We are asking that churches in the North Central District input or update their MissionInsite People Plot data within their church by April 30th, 2023.
By doing this people plot, you will then be allowed to see where your congregation is around your church in the community and compare that with the community and see the alignment and comparison of the mosaics and lifestyle segments of the church people vs the community.
I have attached a PDF links guide for registering for Mission Insite if you previously do not have an account or if you do have an account but it is not linked to your current church let the district office know and we can change that on the back end. We have also included the people plot excel spreadsheet file that will need to be uploaded. You only have to have items filled in for column B-H, which you will hear on the training video. I have highlighted those columns. If you do not have an item in one of those boxes you can put N/A or 0 and it will be ok. Mainly you just want the Address, Zip, and State. If you do not want to put names, just put N/A in those Columns.
People Plot Upload Video:
Please just let me know when your church has completed this new upload or update to your current plot. If you were in the previous Mid-State district and did this back in 2019, it wouldn’t hurt to update your church's people plot but if you do not want to do that, simply let me know.